About Us

ZumaFOX is a leading recruitment website aimed at delivering easy access of job opportunities across major cities and countries all over the world.

Basically, what we do at ZumaFOX is simple. It can however be summed at;

  • Researching on high paying jobs in a particular field,
  • Compact and publish these jobs on a particular page for easy access for job seekers

Additionally, we do publish available job vacancies in some of the top paying industries globally which can be applied by anyone provided he/she is qualified.

It is also important to note that jobs published on our site are free which means you don’t have to spend a penny in order to apply or signify your interest.


To provide free resources to as many job seekers who are searching for employment opportunities from all over the globe.


To help job seekers secure high paying employment opportunities while becoming a reliable job recruitment company known all over the globe.


To become one of the top trusted recruitment website offering employment and career solutions for job seekers and students seeking for profitable career path.

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