Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) Scholarship

Are you searching for latest scholarship opportunities for Armenians? Or maybe you are a student in Armenia finding it difficult to afford basic academic finances. We have a game changer on this page available for Armenian citizens or international students schooling in Armenia, Javasakh and Artsakh. It’s a fully funded offer for students to study without having to pay for tuition fees in Armenian universities. The offer is sponsored by the Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) Scholarships.

This is no doubt a great choice for students who are less privilege or those who find it hard to study in the dream institution because of low finance. The Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) are searching for highly educated student to sponsor them while in their institution. The scholarship offered by this institution has nothing to do with your background. All you need to qualify is how dedicated you are with studies and how low or inadequate finance is affecting you in academics.

On this page, we will be sharing with you all you need to know in relation to the ongoing scholarship opportunity offered by the Armenian Educational Foundation.

The scholarship provision offered by this institution is a fully funded one which means if you qualify; the organization will take full burden of your academic finances (including tuition fees) which last till the completion of your program unless cancelled by you.

Let’s get to learn more about the scholarship provider below, before looking at eligibility and how to apply.

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Scholarship in Armenia

Brief About Armenian Education Foundation (AEF)

Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) is an organization that has been on existence since 1950s. The organization is aimed at providing financial support to Armenian citizens studying within the country as well as rendering support to educational institutions.

From the year 2000 till date, the Armenian Educational Foundation has disbursed over $9,000,000 for various educational programs, including spending over $5,000,000 for renovation of over 200 village schools in Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk and over $3,000 in scholarships. This foundation since is began operation in 1950 has helped over millions of students across Armenia, Artsakh and Javasakhk. This information was achieved from details on their official website.

Over the years, AEF as grown to become a thriving organization with divers’ membership of dedicated individuals. Their organizational mission is; to render financial assistance to Armenian educational institution as well as assisting Armenian students with their academics.

Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) Scholarship Summary

  • Study Grade: Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes
  • Scholarship Provider: Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF)
  • Scholarship Type: Full – funded
  • Institution: any University or college in Armenia, Airtsakh or Javakhk
  • Target student: Students in Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk
  • Study in: Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk
  • Courses Offered: available for all academic disciplines/course
  • Scholarship Duration: valid till completion of student’s applied programme
  • Application Deadline: 1st May, 2022

NOTE: it is important you act fast in applying for this scholarship for Armenian students as fast as possible. This sure because, the application portal might close at anytime provided they have gathered the maximum number of student they need for 2022 academic session.

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Armenian Educational Foundation Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship offered by the Armenian Educational Foundation covers all school expenses but limited to 100% tuition fee for all academic session of successful candidates. The scholarship is also open for students running Masters or PhD programmes.

There are certain criteria student must meet before he/she can be considered by the organization for the scholarship. Let’s check them out as we read further on AEF scholarship for Armenian citizens.

Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

Before any can apply for the scholarship opportunity offered by the Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF), it is important you read through to confirm if you poses the following qualities;

  • Interested applicant must be an Armenian citizen
  • He/she must be in a recognized Armenian higher institution (university) located within the country
  • Student must be in at least his/her second year to qualified to be considered by the organization
  • Student must demonstrate academic discipline and excellence to be considered for AEF scholarship for Armenians
  • Student must poses at least a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 7/5 (15/20, 7/10, or 74/100)
  • Aspiring student must be at least second here of study in any Armenian University of college to qualify (Masters and PhD students are also welcome to apply)

NOTE: without meeting the above mentioned requirements, there are 98% chances that you will not be offered the scholarship fund by the organization. We advise you visit other scholarship opportunities for Armenians on our website.

Personal Information that will be required for Application

The following information about yourself will be required during your application process. This will help the organization in determining your fate (whether or not you will be shortlisted for the Armenian scholarship). They include;

  • Your full name
  • A valid email address
  • Your nationality
  • Details of current institution and program you are running.
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How to Apply for Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) Scholarship Opportunity 2022/2023

  • Interested students who want to apply for the ongoing Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) program are hereby required to visit the official scholarship portal to begin their entries.
  • On the page, students are required to scroll to the end of the page to locate “Armenia, Artsakh & Javakhk Scholarships”.
  • Next, students will be required to tap on the “Learn More” button to begin with the scholarship application process.
  • When done, submit your entry and check your mail address to confirm your application was received.


Students who successfully applied for the Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) scholarship are required to check their mail address on daily basis as this is where they will be contacted for further procedures in relation to the scholarship application.

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