10+ Fully Funded Scholarships in Nigeria (Requirements & Application Guide)

Searching for fully funded scholarships in Nigeria to apply? You just stumble on the right page as we have for you here; complete lists of top 10 study scholarships which are currently hot in Nigeria at the moment.

Not just that. You will also discover answers to some of the top frequently asked questions in relation to fully funded scholarship in Nigeria & for Nigerians. We advise you don’t skip a paragraph so you don’t miss out from any viable information.

Nigeria is one of the best countries to study in Africa. You can tell that by how equipped and facilitated some of the universities and/or tertiary institutions are. In fact, most of Nigeria’s educational institutes are seen as the best in Africa as classified by a research team in South Africa (2021).

With tons of scholarship opportunities which are being sponsored by government and private establishments, there is quiet a thin chances of you not getting at least a partly-funded study scholarship in any part of the country. Recently, Ganduje announce a scholarship opportunities for Kano students and it’s currently hot right now. Many other agencies/companies are announcing their scholarship which is also 100% free of cost when it comes to application. All you need to do is make research of these scholarships, show interest, follow application guide to apply and who knows? It might just be your lucky day. Some of these companies include;

  • PHCN Scholarships
  • NNPC/Metro Scholarships
  • Mike Adenuga Scholarships
  • BUA Student Aid Scholarships
  • Dangote Business School Scholarship (at BUK) and many others

I mentioned earlier, there are slim chances you won’t get a scholarship opportunity this year if you are a serious type. Well, am sure you are since you are already here researching for some of the top student’s fully funded scholarship opportunities for Nigerians to study in Nigeria.

What are Fully-Funded Scholarships?

Fully scholarships also known as all expense scholarship are type of scholarship opportunities which is being offered by government and/or private bodies to students with the aim of settling all school expense of that particular student regardless of the institute fees/costing.

For a scholarship to be regarded as a fully-funded type, tuition fees, study materials and sometimes student upkeep must be included therein. A Scholarship which does not cover all academic cost or maybe, which covers a portion of the full academic cost is referred to as party-funded scholarship. See below for our quick guide on how to get a fully funded scholarship in Nigeria.

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How to Get a Fully Funded Scholarship in Nigeria 2023

Since there are only a limited numbers of agencies/bodies in Nigeria offering this type of scholarship opportunity, it is usually alarming when you see the turn-over of applicants. This is why we came up with this guide to show you how to easily attain a fully funded scholarship from Nigeria. See below for more details;

  • Research before time: The first step to consider if you intend getting a fully funded scholarship in Nigeria is to research for available scholarships that are yet to be made public. Doing this will help you gain even more exposure compared to others who just dive in when the scholarship is made public by popular blogs/magazines.
  • Follow Guidelines: Since you already research for the scholarship before time, you will have enough time to study their past histories and know the requirements for the scholarship. You might also find some testimonials of people who applied and qualified for the scholarship and follow their blueprints to your success.
  • Take a Step Forward: Make sure you are not left behind. This is because most scholarship opportunities in Nigeria tend to favor applicants who applied for the scholarship earlier than those who applied late. However, applying early doesn’t give you an assurance that you will get the scholarship. The most important thing is that you read and make sure you qualify for the scholarship application criteria and make sure to follow the correct application guideline/procedures to submit your entry.

Requirements for Fully-Funded Scholarship in Nigeria

The requirements of criteria needed before one can attain a fully funded scholarship in Nigeria may vary depending on scholarship provider terms. This is okay, because they owns the money and everyone (applicants) must have to play by their rules. However, most fully-funded scholarships in Nigeria may require that you possess the following qualities as an interested applicant;

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Nigeria.
  • Applicant must be in second year of study in any recognized Nigerian higher learning institution.
  • Interested applicant should have at least Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0
  • Applicant must be of good behavior and possess academic discipline.
  • Aspiring student must really be in need of financial aid for studies.
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However, other fully-funded scholarships in Nigeria may require student possess more or less of above mentioned requirements.

Having said that, let’s walk you through on some of the top lists of fully funded scholarships in Nigeria for Nigerian students.

Top 10 List of Fully-Funded Scholarship for Nigerians to Study in Nigeria 2023

Nigerian University of Technology and Management Scholarship

Nigerian University of Technology and Management Victoria Island, Lagos are here with an aiding scholarship to support students studying in their institution. This scholarship opportunity is valid to only existing student of the institute.

Application Guideline: Interest candidates who wished to apply are requested to visit the MIS office in the school to receive and fill the scholarship application form.

Official Website: https://app.netmng.org

Nigeria LNG Limited Scholarship

Another hot fully-funded scholarship opportunity for Nigerians at the moment is Nigeria LNG limited undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship. Anyone can apply provided you are a Nigerian citizen and you are studying in any recognized higher institution of learning within the country.

Application Guideline: Interested students who wish to apply for this scholarship opportunity are required to visit the official scholarship website and follow the procedures.

Official Website: https://nigerialng.com

Shell Nigeria Fully Funded Scholarships (Study in UK)

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) in partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) are here with a scholarship opportunities for Nigerians to study in any African Universities and/or colleges.

Application Guide: interested candidate is required to submit an application of interest to selected approved universities and he/she will be provided with full details of the scholarship. You can view all qualified institutions be visiting official scholarship website.

Official Website: https://shell.com.ng/sustainability/communities/education-programmes/scholarships.html

UNESCO ICB Nigerian Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarships

UNECO International Centre for Biotechnology, Nsukka in partnership with the federal government of Nigeria are up with a top notched scholarship opportunity for graduates and undergraduate students.

Application Guide: Interested candidates are to send their application interest to unescoicb2017@gmail.com with a subject “application for 2023 Scholarship”

Official Website: https://unesco.unn.edu.ng

DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Program for Africans

The scholarship offered by DAAD is yet another top leading fully funded scholarship Nigerians and other members from qualified countries in Africa like Ghana, Togo, and Ethiopia etc can apply for.

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Application Guide: Interested applicants for DAAD scholarship are required to follow the official website to see the complete application process and scholarship eligibility.

Official Website: https:// (search and add link)

Stanbic IBTC University Scholarship for Nigerians

Stanbic IBTC is one of the leading Nigerian commercial banks in the country today. Here they came through with fully funded scholarships for students who are in Nigerian universities to continue their studies at zero cost.

Application Guide: Interested students for this scholarship are required to follow below link to fill and submit their application for Stanbic IBTC Bank University Scholarship aid for Nigerians.

Official Website: https://stanbicibtc.com/nigeriaholdings/our-sponsorships/stanbic-ibtc-university-scholarship

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarships for Nigerians

David Oyedepo foundation scholarships 2023 if another leading scholarship you can apply for which is fully funded in nature. However, there are special requirements for the fully-funded type, most applicants are been issued a partially funded scholarship in this followership scholarship.

Application Guide: Interested applicants for this scholarship are required to visit the official scholarship website to fill & submit their interest to the foundation/scholarship board.

Official Website: https://davidoyedepofoundation.org/dof-scholarships

Chevron-Agbami Undergraduate Scholarship 2023

Checvron-Agbami undergraduate scholarship is on the top leading scholarship for Nigerian students 2023.

Official Website: https://www.ormngr.com/register

Guinness Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship 2023

Guinness Nigeria is one of the top brands in Nigeria known for mass production and sales of highness liquid. Here they came through with an aiding scholarship opportunity which covers all academic tuition fees and other school expenses for students in Nigeria.

Application Guide: interested applicants for Guinness Nigeria scholarship are required to forward their interest to the management board by sending in their application via this email address info.gn@dirageo.com.

Application Mail: info.gn@diageo.com

NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship for Nigerian Students

The Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) in conjunction with SEPLAT are here with a full time undergraduate scholarship scheme to aid & support Nigerian student with a full time scholarship opportunity.

Application Guide: interested students for NNPC/SEPLAT scholarship are however required to visit the official website of the scholarship and follow the guide outlined on the scholarship page.


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