Lagos State Government Scholarship (Application Guide & Requirements)

Lagos State Government Scholarship: Are you a student in Lagos State Nigeria? We have a great scholarship opportunity that might be of interest to you.

Lagos State Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is here with a scholarship grant for students in selected higher learning institutes within the state. This is sure one of the most interesting Government Scholarship in Nigeria currently and we though sharing with our audience on this platform will be a win-win situation.

The scholarship aid which is powered by Lagos State government was established in the fate of grooming larger number of educated students within the state. The scholarship is aimed at helping undergraduate students who are admitted into selected universities and polytechnics in the state yet are facing financial issues in paying for their tuition fees.

Lagos State government here is willing to ease the burden of academic tuition fee which is to be paid by students in these selected institutions. However, not everyone is qualified for the scholarship grant. We will enlighten you with the scholarship coverage, requirements, qualified institutions and application procedures as we proceed. For now, you might want to check out the scholarship summary below;

Scholarship Summary

  • Scholarship Provider: Lagos State Government
  • Scholarship Type: Partly Funded
  • Study Level: Undergraduate
  • Target: Students in Selected Institutes in Lagos State
  • Study In: Lagos State Nigeria
  • Application Deadline: March 15, 2022
  • Others: NIL

It is however advisable that interested students send in their application on or before the application deadline to be seen qualified for the scholarship opportunity.

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Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship offered by Lagos State government for students in Lagos State higher learning institute covers 80% of academic expenses by limited of academic tuition fees only which last for a year. However, the scholarship can be renewed the following year as there is not maximum number of application stated per student provided he/she is still considered eligible for the grant.

Lagos State Scholarship Eligibility & Requirements

For a student to be considered for Lagos State government scholarship grant, he/she must possess the following criteria;

  • Applicant must be an undergraduate student in selected higher learning institutes within the state (list will be available below).
  • Student in LASU & Unilag must be at least in second year of studies in the institute while students in other qualified institutes within the state can apply even immediately after getting admission.
  • LASU & Unilag student must have at least a CGP of not less than 3.4 to qualify them for the scholarship grant.
  • Student must be of academic interest and/or discipline to be seen worthy for the scholarship. And lastly,
  • Student must be in financial need before they can be considered for the academic scholarship which is proudly sponsored by Lagos State Government.

Qualified Institutes

On students in below listed institute of learning are seen eligible for the scholarship grant sponsored by Lagos State government.

  • Lagos State University (LASU)
  • University of Lagos (Unilag)
  • Lagos State Polytechnic (Laspotech)
  • YABA Poly

Provided you are in any of the above mentioned institute and you confirm to be eligible for the scholarship as mentioned above on this page, you can then proceed with the application procedures.

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How to Apply for Lagos State Scholarship

Interested students for this scholarship are however required to follow below application guideline and procedures to submit their interest for the ongoing scholarship aid which is being sponsored by Lagos State Government.

  • Students are required to visit the official Lagos State website which is also the official application portal for scholarship grant.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Lagos State Funding & Aid
  • On the next page, student is required to select “Academic scholarships” and then,
  • Follow all application processes as instructed on the page. The application requirements and eligibility will also be listed. You can skip them as we already summarized and attached above on this page.
  • When done with the online application procedures write and upload your essay and other required documents directly on the portal.

When qualified, you will be emailed a cover letter which you will need to provide to your school admin or MIS office for proper documentation. We wish you success as you apply.


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