5 Online Businesses You Can Start with No Money

5 Online Businesses You Can Start with No Money.

The internet is largest community one can ever think of connecting people from all over the world. This brings about online earning opportunities for as many who are interested in monetizing their online presence on the internet.

Are you one of these few who are interested in monetizing their online presence over the internet yet, have no capital for investment? Be rest assured your query will be attended to on this page as we are about to unveil some of the top 5 profitable online businesses you can start with no money or initial investment of capital.

Key Takeaway

It is important to note that being successful in any field requires that you invest in knowledge surrounding the industry. With that being said, starting a business without capital or initial doesn’t mean you won’t need to invest in knowledge.

There are hundreds of profitable online businesses out there to get started with; however, we list out our 5 best picks which are proven to be called lucrative online businesses for you to choose from.

5 Best Online Businesses You Can Start with No Money 2023

1. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is one of these online money making business idea that is highly profitable.

The concept behind this business model is that; as an individual or small business owner, you don’t need to have a product inventory or even, have to handle the delivery of products to your customers whenever there is a purchase order.

Drop shipping is a model of ecommerce by which you sell other people’s product directly on your own platform (website). Unlike affiliate marketing which only allows you to earn certain percent (called commission) whenever there is a successful sale, drop shipping allows you to determine the profit (percent) you to earn for every product you sell on your platform. This is because prices of the products are set by you so whenever you make a sale, the actual cost of the product goes to the product vendor while you take other additional fees (which is determined by you since you are selling on your platform).

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After setting up your website for drop shipping, all you need to do is import products from Alibaba and other top ecommerce shops of your choice, integrate their website to yours and begin promoting your website.

All you need to focus on is marketing products on your website and nothing more. A large chunk here may require you invest some money into running ads across Tiktok, Facebook/IG etc. And this alone is the cost you will be investing in.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing have a lot of similarities to drop shipping however, they have a huge gap when analyzed properly.

The idea behind affiliate marketing is selling products and services owned by others with the aim of earning an agreed amount (usually based on percentage) known as commission upon every successful sale made using your affiliate link or connection.

Getting started with affiliate marketing is way easier that drop shipping however, the earning potential is massive just like drop shipping.

It all depends on the affiliate marketing company you signed up with as well as niche, product or package you are promoting using your channel.

The fun fact about affiliate marketing is that the whole process can be automated i.e after the initial set up, all you need to do is sending quality traffic to your unique affiliate link using a dedicated landing page for better conversion.

3. Blogging

Blogging is the act of publishing web content which could be in any format such as images, memes, text and videos. However, the center of blogging boils down to text aimed at entertaining, solving a problem, informational or transactional.

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Anyone can become a blogger without having to spend any money. All that is required is having knowledge and interest about a topic.

Let’s say for instance you love pets, you can start a blog about pets and believe me when I say this is a very lucrative niche most especially if you are targeting audience from North America.

To begin you journey as blogger in the blogging field, all you need to do is get a domain name and hosting to launch your CMS website. However, this may result you into spending some few dollars in the process. Though I will say it’s worth the penny most especially if you want to get started and seen as a professional which will further boost your growth process.

Alternatively, you can head over to www.blogger.com to create a free blog. You won’t need to spend a dime as an initial investment if you decide to host your website on blogger platform. Blogger/blogspot is a product owned by Google and it’s open and easy to use.

4. Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon kindle Publishing is a gold mine which has been existing for over a decade now. Though, only few are aware of how lucrative publishing your book on Amazon Kindle is.

The platform is owned and managed by Amazon Store. Surely, Amazon store isn’t new to your ears. Currently, the platform is being used by millions of individuals from all over the world and thousands of successful purchases are being made on the platform monthly basis.

Now imagine publishing at least 20 books with a price tag of $10 each while you receive at least 3 purchase order on 10 books each monthly. That would be over $300 monthly which isn’t bad most especially if you consider the business as a side hustle.

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Many authors earn as high as $10,000 monthly from the platform alone and you too can do same. All you need to do is visit the Amazon KDP website to create your free account, verify and start publishing books while you earn your rewards monthly.

5. Video Blogging

Surely, you are familiar with YouTube before today and you must have seen videos with millions of views within 3 months. YouTube is no doubt one of the most visited website in the world from 2016 till date.

With over 2 billion users watching videos every day, there is every chances that you too can become a content creator on this platform and be successful. High earning publishers like Mr. Beast earns hundreds of dollars on YouTube views alone via Adsense for YouTube.

One interesting fact about this online business is that you don’t need any form of investment to get started. You don’t even need to have a Camera or Laptop, there are lots of good camera mobile devices and varieties of video editing softwares for Android and IOS devices out there.

Getting started only requires that you pick a niche you are interested with and have some level of knowledge/experience in the field. For instance, if you are an accounting student, you can start a YouTube channel talking about accounting, finance and more areas related to your expertise.


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