5 Rules for Choosing a Business Name

5 Rules for Choosing a Business Name.

Choosing a name for your business is no doubt one of the easiest task to do compared to other activities required for getting your business/brand up and running.

In as much as choosing a business name is a fun process, it is also regarded as one technical thing to do as it requires lot of critical thinking. It may amaze you to know that your popular brands might have spent days or even weeks before coming up with the name you hear them bearing today.

This is because it has a lot do considering certain factors which can as well referred to as rules for choosing a business name. Using this formula has proven that anyone can get a fitting business name which will be suitable for his/her brand. Continue reading as we unveil some of the top 5 tips that will guide you in choosing the right business name for your new start up.

Top 5 Rules for Choosing a Business Name

Short and Simple

One important thing about naming your business right is ensuring your business name is short, simply and lastly, memorable.

Knowing fully when that every business success depends on client/customer base, ensuring that your business name is short and memorable to your customers will surely help you retain old customers as well as get referral sales as your customers are most likely to refer your business if they can pronounce your business name easily when the need arises.

Easy to Spell

In as much you need to choose a name which is unique, you need to consider your customers by naming your brand something they can easily recall the spelling.

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This is very important most especially after you decide taking your business over the internet. Returning customers are most likely to search your business name online via Google or other search engines. Now let’s assume there is other business with similar name as yours offering same services as your startup does. Your returning or referral customers on the other hand can’t spell your business name due to how complex you made it look like. They are most likely going to be typing a wrong name on search engine and other competitors are most likely going to get be the beneficiary of your hard work.

Surely, choosing a business name which is short, unique, memorable and easy to spell cannot never be left out as it has a lot to do with your business growth.

Let is Speaks About Your Business

Some business name can be so generic or perhaps, unrelated to your business therefore getting people lost even after seeing/hearing about your business name title.

Of cause, getting a standalone brand name cannot be recognized almost immediately because it took your even popular brands today such as Nike, Louis Vuitton and Apple and others some time as well to get recognized globally. A unique and descriptive logo can help backup your new startup.

This is why visuals are very important as it makes your brand stand out. Take for instance seeing an Apple with a bit at the tip, your mind will tell you the product with the tag belongs to Apply likewise seeing the “B” for Bently cars.

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It should Have a Visual Element

While brainstorming a business name, having visuals in mind will sure help you in making the right decision. What do you think about “balochinll” as a business name?

Surely, anyone seeing it can only but have an imaginary psychology of the brand name though not quite effective as it lacks visual element.


Visual elements as discussed above has to do with the language or readability of your business name. Pick a name that people can see, visualize and understand within 3 seconds.

Brand should Have a Positive Connotation

Positive Connotations has to do with naming your brand a name that has positive meaning or overtone. This is very important as its obvious that most words can have either denotation (literal) or connotation (emotional).

Connotation words can either be positive, negative or neutral. As a startup owner depending on your business model, using a positive or neutral connotation can help you stand out even more.


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