Teaching Jobs in Colombia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Teacher/Teaching Jobs in Colombia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship: Teaching Jobs are good examples of employment opportunities available abroad for foreign or international applicants.

The Country Colombia is one of the leading countries where teaching jobs with visa sponsorship can be easily secured. However, this is only assured when you possess the right information and act at the right time as there are hundreds of other interested applicants just like you from all over the world seeking for Teacher/Teaching Job vacancy to apply in Colombia.

On this page, we will be unveiling available teaching job opportunity in Colombia for foreign applicants. Before then, we recommend you take a look at the complete job description for teacher/teaching Jobs in Colombia for foreigners below as it will enlighten you things you need to know in relation to the job.

Description for Colombia Teaching Jobs

Teaching Jobs are kinds of job offers available in the academic or educational sector.

These kinds of jobs are available in all provinces of Colombia and can be applied via multiple channels which include writing a letter, using online recruitment portals or sending an email directly to the employers.

In the educational sector, we have academic staffs (workers who engage in teaching) and non-academic staffs (workers who are in the sector but don’t engage in any form of direct/indirect lectures).

As a Teacher working in Colombia, you are seen as an academic staff whose job is to lecture and educate students on a particular topic/course.

The employment range for Teaching Jobs in Colombia for foreign applicants is vast as there are high chances you can secure employment irrespective of the discipline you study in the University. The first stage to take when it comes to becoming a teacher in Colombia as a foreigner is by sending your application to declare your interest to potential educational institutes who are willing to hire foreign applicants with visa sponsorship to work and live in Colombia legally.

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Below, you will find some of the basic duties and responsibilities of a teacher working in Colombia.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lecture students on a particular discipline
  • Responsible for the preparation of lesson notes
  • Issuing assignments to students in order to test their abilities
  • Responsible for preparation of grading test and giving remarks based on student’s performance
  • Instruct students through the proper usage of learning materials
  • Engage students through outdoor activities e.g Sport & Games
  • Set examination questions and marking standards
  • Maintain proper record of students at all time

Employment Requirements/Skills

  • BSc/MSc in relevant field of study applying for
  • Possession of work experience in similar field in the past
  • Must be an active participant
  • Demonstrator
  • Tutoring Skill
  • Authoritative/Controller

Teacher/Teaching Job Salary in Colombia for Foreigners/Residents

According to reports on Salary Explorer, an average teacher in Colombia earns 4,980,000 COP monthly. This amount is usually between the ranges of 2,380,000 (minimum) and 9,070,000 COP (maximum).

Furthermore, we authenticate these results by checking through teaching jobs published by top online recruitment platforms/agencies in Colombia. Our discovery was that 85% of teaching jobs posted in Colombia are within the salary range disclosed by Salary Explorer.

ZumaFOX reports also shows that, in some cases negotiation between two parties involved in the contract of employment is a major factor which determines the amount earned by a teacher in Colombia.

Are you still interested with Colombia teaching jobs for foreigners after going through most of the descriptions above? See below for a detailed illustration on how to become a teacher as a foreigner living legally in Colombia.

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How to Become a Teacher in Colombia as a Foreigner

The processes involved when it comes to becoming a teacher in Colombia is similar when compared to processes involved in other countries.

The primary requirement for becoming a teacher in Colombia is the possession of educational certificate in a specific field/discipline from a University. This university must not be a Canadian University provided the institution is duly registered, approved and seen as a tertiary institution.

However, possession of these documents alone won’t guarantee you a high income teaching job in Colombia. In most cases, possession of teaching certificate from the appropriate government institute will give you a better hand as it will show that you have the basic skills needed for employment as a teacher in Colombia.

In addition on how to become a teacher job in Colombia; you must be willing and ready to make research for available teaching jobs in Colombia and also, you must apply for these job opportunities.

Below, you will find some of the top available teaching jobs in Colombia for foreigners with visa sponsorship and work permit.

Available Teacher/Teaching Jobs in Colombia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

  • High School Teaching/Teacher Jobs
  • Middle School Teaching/Teacher Jobs
  • Elementary School Teaching/Teacher Jobs
  • Private/Home Service Teaching Jobs

How to Apply for Teacher/Teaching Jobs in Colombia as a Foreigner

In order to successfully apply for teaching Job opportunity in Colombia as an international or foreign applicant, all which is required of you is use the application link below.

The application link will redirect you to a filtered page revealing latest teaching job opportunities posted by various employers in Colombia. From there, you are required to highlight the ones you are best fit for and follow the application procedures as instructed on the individual job page in order to submit your interest.

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Use the “Apply Now” button below to view and apply for available hot income teacher jobs in Colombia.

Apply Now

Conclusion: Best Paying Teacher/Teaching Jobs for Colombia Job Seekers Abroad

Teachers are one of the highest paying employers worldwide. Also, it’s a good way to earn passive income while impacting on others as well as expanding your knowledge.

We’re glad you could make it to this section on our content talking about some of the top available teaching jobs for international applicants to work as full time workers in Colombia.

It is recommended you make use of the application link on this page to send in your interest for employment to various employers searching for international teachers for employment in Colombia.

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