Vahan Adjemian Scholarship Fund 2022/2023 – How to Apply

You are an Armenian citizen searching for latest scholarship to study in Armenia? We have great news for you as we brink to you Vahan Adjemian Scholarship Fund powered by Tibrevank Alumni Inc.

The scholarship fund which is sponsored by Tibrevank Alumni Inc is a one-time scholarship grant which is offered to Armenian student annually by a group on individuals. The scholarship grant is aimed at supporting Armenian students in higher learning institution who are finding it difficult to settle all their academic bills and tuition fees. Let’s get to read more about the scholarship provider and how it came to existence below.

About Vahan Adjemian Scholarship Fund (Tibrevank Alumni Inc)

Vahan Adjemian Scholarship Fund came into existence in the name of one Mr. Vahan Adjemian who was born in 1922 in Uskudar, Istanbul. He attended several Armenian schools in Istanbul as he was growing and graduated from Getonagan Armenian High School. He went further to study Physics and Chemistry in the University of Istanbul where he came out with flying colors and then received a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Physics from the Technical University of Istanbul.

He then began a career as a teacher in 1956 at the Sourp Khatch Tibrevank in Istanbul, with the encouragement of the very Reverend Father Karekin Kazannijian, who then served as the principal. He later further his career as he work as Patriarch of the Armenian sea of Istanbul and then later to work at the Sahakyan and Esaya Armenian High School where he retired and moved to Paris in 1983.

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At the time of his teaching, he was loved by his students who enjoyed his company. He was giver. He never asks his student for anything nor accepts from anyone. He loves giving any day anytime.

In respect to that, his students from Tibrevank Foundation founding it worth it to offer scholarship to Armenian students in his name. Therefore, the came together to set up a scholarship foundation which was named after him “Vahan Adjemian Scholarship Fund” which was established in the year 2011.

Too bad, he passed away in the year 2019 though; the scholarship fund is still on even as he is no more.

Vahan Adjemian Scholarship Summary

  • Study Grade: undergraduate and postgraduate studies
  • Scholarship Provider: Tibrevank Alumni Inc.
  • Scholarship Worth: Varies depending on institution
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded
  • Target: Armenian student
  • Accepted Institution: Any Higher institution in Armenia (universities and colleges)
  • Study in: Armenia
  • Courses Offered: any approved course in selected institution of choice (non-specific)
  • Scholarship Duration: One off (valid for a year but can be renewed by applying again).
  • Application Deadline: April 30, 2022

NOTE: All applicants are required by the scholarship foundation to submit their application and other supporting transcripts on or before the scholarship due date. Failure to do so may result to your entry invalid.

Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship offered by students of Mr. Vahan Adjemian (Tibrevank Alumni Inc.) is a one-off or partially funded scholarship grant. Qualified student are been given a reward to support themselves while in school. This payment covers 90% of academic expense for a year including tuition fees and academic upkeep. The scholarship grant is been offered annually for Armenian student studying in any Armenian higher educational institution.

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Even at that, applicants need to meet up to certain conditions before their application can be considered valid to be rewarded for a scholarship grant. You might want to check below for Vahan Adjemian Scholarship eligibility checks;

Vahan Adjemian Scholarship Application Eligibility

Armenian students who are interested to apply for the ongoing Vahan Adjemian Scholarship must adhere to the following criteria for them to be seen qualified individual by the scholarship provider.

  • Interested student must be an Armenian citizen to qualify
  • Candidate must be involved in any Armenian community to be seen qualified by the scholarship provider
  • Applicant must be enrolled in any US based university or college to qualify for the scholarship opportunity
  • Students must provide all copies of academic proves to be considered for the Armenian scholarship fund
  • Previous scholarship recipients are welcome to apply
  • Applicants must have a GP of 3.0 or above to qualify them for the scholarship grant
  • All infested Armenian student must possess high educational discipline for the scholarship board to consider their application. This is because, there will be some basic ground checks before finally approving any scholarship grant by Vahan Adjemian Foundation of Tibrevank Alumni Inc

NOTE: Student who did not possess all above mentioned qualities are hereby advised to withdraw their application. This is because it only student with all above mentioned qualities will be considered for the scholarship grant. You can access other scholarship opportunities on our blog.

Vahan Scholarship Consideration

It is of great importance that applicant for Vahan Adjemian scholarship should know that, the scholarship offered will be considered based on service to, or participation in the Armenian community, scholastic achievement and financial need.

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How to Apply for Vahan Adjemian Scholarship Opportunity 2022/2023

Armenian students who qualify or adhere to the scholarship criteria can follow below steps to submit their entries for consideration by Vahan Adjemian scholarship board.

  • Firstly, Interested candidates are required to download the scholarship application form from
  • Now they are to fill all available field in the form with valid details about themselves
  • Candidates are required to read through the application form guidance to know all additional documents to attach together with the application form
  • Having done that, students are to submit their application form together with other documents (as mentioned in the form) to the Vahan Adjemian Scholarship Fund which can be located at this mailing address;

Tibrevank Alumni, Inc.

Vahan Adjemian Scholarship Fund

P.O. Box 14

Palisades Park, NJ 07650

Students who applied for the scholarship and submit their application including other transcript on or before April 30th will be contacted from their mail address by the scholarship board for their application status. This is why it is important you provide a valid email address while filling your application form.

Should you have other troubles filling your application form or maybe you have other scholarship related query. You can reach Tibrevank Alumni, Inc. via this email address;

Scholarship Website 


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